Is there a free trial period?

We do not offer a free trial period. However, if you are unsure then you could consider ordering our lowest priced package (29USD + 49USD one-time fee) and and use our coupon for a 10% discount. You would then only pay 70.20USD for a full month. Please bear in mind that you can only use the 10% coupon code once.
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Can I temporarily suspend my plan?

That is not possible. Obviously, you can cancel your membership and order again later.

What happens after I order?

Our system sets up your new website immediately. You will receive system emails from our website...

What do you mean by max. 50 or max. 100 active auctions?

The Smart package allows a maximum of 50 active auctions: there can be max. 50 open (not ended)...

Do you charge any fees anytime we sell or auction an item?

We do not charge any fees or commissions other than the monthly fees stated on our website.