Can I really get a 10% discount?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount (November). You can use coupon code 10OFF when ordering. The coupon code can only be applied once so you can make the most of your discount by (for example) choosing a billing cycle of one year or longer.

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Can I temporarily suspend my plan?

That is not possible. Obviously, you can cancel your membership and order again later.

I am having troubles signing up. How should I enter the domain name while ordering?

Are you experiencing problems signing up, entering the domain name of your choice? Please make...

Will my auction site have any of your branding on it?

The Smart package has a small footer notice "powered by Easy.Auction". The Plus and Pro package...

Can auction winners pay sellers directly?

Yes, we have a built-in PayPal and (credit cards) payment gateway.

Do you also offer other TLD's like .auction?

Yes we can supply .auction domain names just like any other valid TLD. Please contact us if you...