Sellers Features

  • Publish auctions or fixed price ads
  • Choose Start and End dates and times
  • Set a reserve price and handling or shipping fee
  • Set a buy now price
  • Auto-relist if an auction is unsuccessful (no bids or highest bid < reserve price)
  • Enter a commission % and VAT % (only if enabled by administrator)
  • Manage auctions, check detailed history and keep track of payment status
  • Enter city, country etc. (Google Maps can be displayed on each auction page)
  • Make an auction Premium or highlighted
  • Share auctions on Facebook

Bidders Features

  • Absentee bidding (Auto Bidding)
  • Set up keyword alerts and receive an email if an item matches the entered criteria
  • Keep track of auctions using a watch list
  • Pay for auctions won using the built-in PayPal, (all major debit and credit cards) or payment gateway
  • Keep track of leading bids and bids that are no longer highest bids
  • Receive an email when a bid is no longer the winning bid
  • Detailed history and keep track of payment status
  • Seller rating (Feedback)

Admin Features

  • Easy to use Content Management System (no technical skills required), configurable Logo, Header and Footer
  • Create unlimited pages like About Us, Privacy Policy etc.
  • Configurable email templates
  • Easily manage all auctions and media
  • Multiple color schemes
  • Single & multiple sellers mode
  • Category and subcategory management
  • Create custom options & attributes at category level e.g. item packed: yes/no or product color: blue/yellow
  • Configurable minimum bid increments
  • Anti-Sniping settings
  • All official currencies supported
  • Translate to any language in max. 30 minutes
  • Turn on/off user validation (verification email with link)
  • Turn on/off PayPal,, payment gateway
  • Turn on/off Commission % and VAT %
  • Enable/disable additional registration fields
  • Generate sitemap (with a single click)
  • Extensive auction and user Reporting
  • Users and administrators‘ management
  • Maintenance mode
  • Change bidder privacy settings (e.g. hide bidders‘ usernames)
  • Earn more money by charging fees for publishing auctions or upgrading to Premium, or highlighted auctions (handled by PayPal gateway)

General Features

  • Responsive design: great user experience on Desktop, tablets and mobile devices
  • System emails per event e.g. new Auction, Auction ends, Bidder is Outbid
  • Anti-Spam measures (Recaptcha)
  • Homepage large first ending auction promo (can be disabled)
  • Search engine
  • SEO friendly urls (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Built-in PayPal, and payment Gateway (Buyers can pay Sellers)
  • Profile management for both Sellers and Bidders
  • Review system
  • Internal messaging system
  • SMS new user verification (89 USD one-off)
  • Facebook login (89 USD one-off)
Starting at $49 one-time + $69/month